Below are some links and contact numbers for local and national organisations that can be useful to you and your local community.



Streetlife  -Streetlife makes it easy to connect and share with people in your neighbourhood


Facebook discussion pages – go on facebook and type in ‘local discussion group’ – there are usually plenty of groups set up that are great for local community discussion.


Local council contact – 01354654321

Fenland District Council can signpost you, support you and advise you around a huge variety of subjects – the one-stop shops details are available on the website if you want to speak to someone face-to-face.

CCORRN – 01354 607 667   –  founded in 2003 as a social enterprise to be an impartial and independent organisation incepted to support community reuse and recycling. Working closely with local community groups, social enterprises, charities, local authorities, government departments as well as private companies; CCORRN aims to provide goods, services and volunteering opportunties that positvely contributes socially and environmentally.


Making Money Count -0800 111 6447

Making Money Count gives everyday help with money – helping you find the best deals, stay on top of bills, sort out debt worries and plan ahead – especially if you are managing on a low income. Reliable, practical information for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.


Neighbourhood Watch

Bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities













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